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True or False: It’s Possible to Get Cavities During Invisalign

April 25, 2024

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There are countless benefits that come with Invisalign – from the lack of dietary restrictions and the shorter average treatment timeline to the virtually undetectable aligners and quick check-in visits. Is it possible to avoid cavities during your Invisalign treatment too? This is a common question for patients who have chosen this discreet teeth-straightening service, and you can find the answer right here!

So, Can You Get Cavities During Your Invisalign Treatment?

Yes, you can get cavities during your Invisalign treatment. That’s because – although the aligners cover your teeth – you take them off before eating or drinking anything other than water. As a result, the sugars and acids in the foods and beverages you consume can still linger on your teeth and gums and, in turn, lead to oral health problems. With all of that said, tooth decay is largely preventable with the right best practices in place, so there’s a good chance that you’ll make it through your entire Invisalign treatment without any problems.

How To: Prevent Tooth Decay with Clear Aligners

As mentioned above, there are several habits you can adopt that will dramatically reduce your chances of developing a cavity. That includes:

  • Brushing your teeth after each meal and snack
  • Flossing and rinsing with mouthwash at night
  • Rinsing your aligners with clean, cool water when you take them out
  • Cleaning your trays each morning and evening
  • Getting a dental checkup and teeth cleaning semi-annually
  • Keeping your consumption of added sugar to a minimum
  • Quitting unhealthy dental habits, like nail-biting

What Happens If You Do Develop a Cavity?

If you start to experience abnormal dental symptoms, like pain when biting down, you should contact your dentist ASAP to schedule an emergency exam. From there, they can determine the root of the problem and what restorative care is needed (i.e., tooth-colored filling, dental crown, root canal). Your treatment plan will be put on hold until your smile is healthy again. When it is, then the focus of your dental team will transition back to aligning your teeth and bite.

In short, it’s important to prioritize good oral hygiene habits during your teeth-straightening journey to avoid complications like dental pain and treatment plan delays. If you ever need a reminder about proper flossing techniques or need a recommendation on which dental care tools to use, you can always ask your dental team too!

About the Practice

For many of our patients at South Shore Dental Care, the goal is to achieve a gorgeous smile. However, we want you to have a smile that’s as gorgeous as it is healthy! That’s why we always prioritize preventive care and are here to intervene with the necessary restorative services if something comes up, like a large cavity. If you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about a particular treatment, don’t hesitate to visit our website or call (516) 798-3808.

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