Quick and Easy Porcelain Crowns

What if we told you we could give you a more beautiful smile in just one hour? Would you believe it? Well, it’s true! Using CEREC one-hour crowns, our Massapequa dental practice can assess your needs and have custom-crafted porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays created and placed in one quick and easy dental care visit.

CEREC uses digital impressions sent to an in-house milling unit to turn a block of porcelain into beautiful porcelain crowns. Harnessing CAD/CAM technology in this way makes for precise measurements and removes the need for messy impressions.

Of course, the best thing about CEREC one-hour crowns is probably that they can be done in one visit. In the past, porcelain crowns required a minimum of two visits with time in between for assessment, creation, and placement. Now, CEREC crowns give you more flexibility and a choice that fits in with your busy schedule.

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