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Align Your Smile with Ease Using Invisalign

September 24, 2014

177000598Having a smile that you are unhappy with is not an easy thing to live with, and can definitely affect the way you feel about yourself. Feeling confident in your smile has a lot to deal with the way you feel about yourself overall, and if you feel as though you are simply settling for the smile you were given, you may feel discouraged. Having a gapped or misaligned smile is something that many people do not want, but having a mouth full of metal associated with traditional braces does not seem appealing either. If you want to straighten your smile without compromising the way you look, Dr. Rubino is able to achieve that by offering Invisalign to his patients.

One of the biggest reasons why Invisalign is appealing to many people is because the aligning trays used sit nearly invisibly on your smile. Invisalign works by straightening your smile via a chain of aligning trays, each one custom made for you and representing a different stage in your treatment. You will not wear the same tray on day one as you will on your last day, as your smile will have straightened by then, and the tray will be representative of that fact. Also, by having your trays made for you, it makes your treatment personalized, ensuring amazing results. All you have to do is wear each tray for a certain amount of time, and when it is time to begin the next stage of your treatment, simply apply the next tray in the set!

Another big advantage to Invisalign is the fact that you are not restricted from any foods or drinks while receiving your treatment. You will be able to experience freedom in that aspect of your treatment, as nothing will get caught in the wires and brackets traditional metal braces have. Also, any time you need to brush, eat, floss, or drink, all you have to do is remove and reapply the trays when necessary, allowing you to have better oral care while receiving your treatment! If you would like Dr. Rubino’s help aligning your smile with Invisalign, contact our office today!

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