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Answering the Question, “What Do My Teeth Do?”

June 18, 2014

shutterstock_153698357It is very important to stay well informed with anything you put your mind to. Whether it is buying a car or changing your hair color, a lot of research and information can go into figuring out exactly what you want and how things are supposed to work. The wonderful thing is that your smile is no different. Sure, we all know that we have teeth, but the different functions of our teeth play a big role in our smile. The doctors at South Shore Dental Care are big believers in patient education, and they want you to be as informed as possible with it comes to your teeth.

One type of tooth that resides in your mouth is the incisors. These teeth are the eight that are in the front and center of your mouth, and they are the teeth you use when you take bites of your food. Canines are another type of tooth in your mouth, and these appear between sixteen and twenty months of age. These are the sharpest teeth in your mouth, and they are generally used to tear your food apart.

Premolars are used for chewing and grinding food, and you have four on either side of your mouth. Your premolars start to appear when you are around the age of ten or eleven. Your molars are also used for chewing and grinding food, and these start to appear between twelve and fifteen months of age. The molars erupt around the age of six years old. Lastly, the third molars, also known as your wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to develop and do not erupt until the age of about eighteen to twenty years old. Some people do not even develop their third molars, which eliminates the need to remove them should they cause crowding.

So the next time you find yourself eating something or brushing your teeth, take note of the amazing power your teeth have, and appreciate them for all the hard work they do!

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